NEWS - Audience Global takes over the translation services of TalQ International

Written by Yves Vanneste |

Located in the French business park of Sophia Antipolis the language services company Audience Global sarl is your new partner for translation, localization and multilingual content publishing in all languages.


We specialize in providing reliable, cost-effective language services to customers across the globe.

“With my husband, Yves Vanneste, I launched my first language business in 1993” says Myriam Perez, Managing Partner. “As of Sept. 1, 2016, the translation activities of TalQ International will be taken over by our new legal structure: Audience Global. The management and production teams remain the same. The same translators will be allocated to our clients’ projects."

"I take this opportunity to thank our customers for calling on us for their translation projects, and I hope that we will keep a fruitful cooperation”.



At Audience Global we offer highly specialized language services and expertise to help you manage language challenges so that you can expand your business globally and increase your sales revenues. For more information visit our website.

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